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    Site Clearance city of London | EC1 EC2 EC3 EC4

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  • Call us for advice and a free quotation:  We can generally offer a same day rubbish removal collection service in all city of London areas.

  • Site clearance removal services in City of London:  EC1 EC2 EC3 EC4 by our Government Licensed Waste Collection service.  Site Clearance Services are suitable for offices, businesses and building sites and our workforce load all the articles from the given site for recycling of furniture, fixtures and electrical waste(WEEE) and clearance of all unrequired junk and rubbish. Articles to be collected include partitions, scrap metal, roofs and fences and general builders rubble.

  • We are licensed carriers and provide a waste transfer note:  All the waste we collect is sorted for recycling including electrical waste which is subject to WEEE regulations.  We currently recycle up to 80% of all the waste we collect.

Site Clearance Removal Services in city of London | EC1 EC2 EC3 EC4

Building site clearance and rubbish clearance of designated areas as required

Up to 80% of all the waste we collect is recycled.

City of London

Our 'Load & Go' rubbish removal service can save clients a lot of money as skips require planning permission and incur other extra charges in the city of London where parking is strictly controlled.  We offer our junk/rubbish services at times that suit clients.

As our vehicles are in and around the city of London most days of the week, it's quite possible we can provide site clearance on the same day that you call. 

Guidance for Site Clearance in the city of London

When you call us, we will want to know what type of rubbish you wish to clear e.g. electrical waste: appliances, old printing facilities installations, garden refuse, slabs, flooring and carpets, scrap metal, fencing or builders rubble, etc.

Site Clearance includes:

  • Small structures
  • Most Rubbish including Hazardous Waste
  • Trees, bushes and undergrowth - Garden waste
  • Hard standings
  • Contaminated soil
  • Bricks, stones and other unwanted materials

  • It would be helpful if you could also provide an estimate of your load size in order that we bring along the right man-power and an appropriately sized vehicle(s) to take your waste away.

    Light demolition Services
    Light Demolition Services

    Light Demolition:  If there is plant or fixtures that require demolition to enable recycling like old metal corrugated roofing, large transformers or derelict metal or wood garden furniture, for a small added charge we can provide demolition services to facilitate your site clearance.

    Light Demolition Above Photo: Light Demolition!

    Our Service is fast, reliable and efficient.  Our working drivers are polite and will undertake extra tasks if required by agreement on extra costs involved.  We are determined to satisfy our customers' changing needs and encourage sustainable recycling for the benefit of the communities we serve.


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